How to become a streaming manager: Rob's story

Streaming managers make sure artists get discovered and that their music gets plenty of visibility.

They are normally based within record companies.

We've asked Rob Khan, Streaming Lead at Parlophone Records, to tell us a bit more about what he does. Rob works on campaigns for stars such as David Guetta and Lily Allen.

Scroll down for more information on skills, working hours and salary.

Streaming lead Rob Khan talks about how Maths and PE have helped him in his career in the digital music industry.

What skills do I need to be a streaming manager?

Streaming manager is a relatively new job, so the role is still quite fluid. The job can be a mix of marketing, data analysis, music management and curation. Three skills that might help you land a role like this are:

  • data analysis skills
  • industry knowledge
  • foreign language skills.

What to expect if you want to become a streaming manager

What will I get paid? Salaries normally start at around £20,000, but quickly grow as you get more experienced.

Where will I work? You will mainly be office-based, but you might be required to travel and attend events.

What are the working hours like? Hours can be very long and weekend work may be required.

What qualifications do you need to be a streaming manager?

What qualifications do I need? Some companies might require a degree in Marketing or Communication, but previous experience in the music industry is often the way into this kind of role.

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