Top tips on taking the initiative

There won’t always be someone telling you what to do at work. Show you can be proactive! Whether it’s identifying what needs to be done first, or offering to help someone else, taking initiative is a great skill to develop.

Top tips to take away

  • Don’t wait for work to come to you, ask yourself: what should I do next?
  • Be creative! Coming up with ideas and researching is often welcomed in the workplace
  • Start working towards solutions independently - using a process of elimination can help you solve problems
  • In a meeting, consider how you can contribute or if it’s time for you take the lead
  • If you have the time and skills, ask others if you can help them with their work
  • Find out about your area of work, research and get involved in any way you can
  • Be proactive - don’t expect work or opportunities to come to you.
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