Dating on a budget

Whether you want to make a good impression on your latest crush, or you and the other half are overdue on that all-important date night, with some budget-friendly activities (and a little bit of prep) you can still make them feel special with an inexpensive and enjoyable date. Watch as Lucy and Rachel help Reem plan a date with her girlfriend.

Create an outfit that makes you feel good: Make do, mend and upcycle clothes

  • Check what you already have in your wardrobe – repairing clothes that are worn out or no longer fit means that lucky top you love hasn’t seen its last days and you don’t have to buy a replacement
  • Buying second-hand or using what you already have and updating it (upcycling) saves you money, helps the environment and means you can create a unique look and impress your lucky date
  • Skills such as basic sewing and hemming are easier than you think and make all the difference in keeping your wardrobe up to scratch without costing the earth. Dying is also an option – trying fruit and vegetable dye helps avoid damaging the environment with toxic dyes.

Why not try Lucy’s homemade dye, all you need is a fixative (1 part white vinegar and 4 parts water), a purple cabbage, a pan, cooker and bowl big enough for your T-shirt.

Find cheap (or free!) activities

  • You don’t have to splash out on a slap-up meal at a 5-star restaurant to have a great time – there are many cheap and free activities that are just as romantic, if not more
  • If the weather is great, you could plan a picnic in a picturesque setting. It’s cheap and simple to buy some fresh food from the market or use the vegetables you have left in the house to cook up something great
  • Museums are often free or ask for a donation of your choosing at the door – these can range from art galleries to chocolate museums (yes, you heard us right!)
  • If museums and galleries aren’t your thing, a quick search online should give you some cheap or free alternatives in your local area to help you enjoy your quality time out together.
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