Homeschooling Hacks: How we homeschool our autistic children

Louise and Leigh homeschool all three of their children. One of their sons, Alfie, has been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, and his younger brother Ted may have the same condition. Here they explain how they manage their living room lessons and offer some tips for parents in a similar situation.

Louise and Leigh's advice

  • Don't be afraid to experiment to find a method that suits your child. For example, their son, Ted, doesn't like the feel of paper on his skin, so they let him wear gloves while he's filling out a worksheet.
  • Think about an area for school work that you can create or adapt to make them feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Family routines could help to settle your child's mood - getting up at the same time and having breakfast together, if possible.
  • Different learning needs as a result of autism might take the pressure off of some worries you have as a parent, like where they should be in their development at a certain age.
  • Find an activity that gives your child confidence. When they're struggling with their schoolwork and motivation is running low, give them a break so they can do this activity, then come back to the work with a brighter perspective. Louise and Leigh's son, Alfie, enjoys time in the garden during their breaks from lesson.
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