Geography skills - using a compass and understanding grid references

Let's explore using a compass and understanding grid references

This collection contains curriculum relevant videos, quizzes and games to help Years 5 and 6 / P6 and P7 Geography students with:

  • understanding how a compass works and how to use it with a map

  • learning about grid references

These educational resources are hand-picked from BBC Bitesize and the wider BBC.

Get started

Here you will find videos, a picture gallery and activities about using a compass and understanding grid references. Try them out, and then test your knowledge with a short quiz before exploring the rest of the collection.

Using a compass

Let's find out how to use a compass when reading a map.

Learn about grids on maps with Sue Venir from BBC Bitesize - KS2 - Geography.

Can you label the different parts of the compass?

Grid references

Let's find out about using a grid on a map.

Fin and Snoot use the grid references on a map to explore an island from BBC Bitesize - 1st level - Maths.

Highlights from the BBC

The best guides and activities from around the BBC. They contain text, videos and challenges to help you understand, practise and test your knowledge.

Contours, keys and symbols
Expedition to Guyana - planning an expedition
Mapping the world
Map reading skills - calculating distance
Map master quiz

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