Crafts and careers

Home learning focus

Learn about the options available when trying to form a career from your art skills.

This lesson includes:

  • video clips demonstrating different career options

  • an activity to try at home


As with any subject, it is important to know where the skills you gain can take you in life.

We're going to explore some potential careers paths.

Art director

In the following video, taken from BBC Bitesize Careers, Laura talks about her life as an art director.

Laura works in the art department, deciding what sets and props are needed for live and pre-recorded children’s TV shows.

Her job is varied and can involve co-ordinating her team, drawing sets, buying products or even making clothes for puppets.

How to become an art director: Laura's story

You can find out more about Laura's job, such as the creative skillset that she recommends, here.


In the following video, taken from BBC Bitesize Careers, George, 22, talks about his life as a wheelright (a craft woodworker) in Devon.

George handcrafts wheels out of wood for things like carriages and canons and started his job in an apprenticeship at the company he now works for.

How to become a craft woodworker: George's story

You can find out more information about George's job, such as the qualifications needed, here.


In the following video, taken from BBC Bitesize Careers, Anh talks about her life as an illustrator.

Anh did a foundation degree in Art and Design, where she studied creative subjects such as filming, photography and design.

She then decided to do a degree in Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth.

How to become an illustrator: Anh's story

Find out more about Anh's job and career, such as the skills that have led to her success, here.

Where next?

Other examples of careers that incorporate the skills of Art and Design include:

And many more...

You can also visit the Craft Coucil's Careers in Craft page for more Art and Design job profiles.


Now you can try and put some of what you have learned about crafts and careers into action.


Go to the BBC Bitesize careers page and take a look at jobs that use Art and Design.

Watch through some more potential career paths and draw a rough timeline of what your Art and Design career path might look like.

This could include university or an apprenticeship - an example for Anh's careers path is included below.

Anh's career timeline

There's more to learn

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