Learn what fossils can tell us about life on Earth with Sir David Attenborough

So much of what we know about life on Earth millions of years ago comes from the fossils of extinct plants and animals. They show us what type of creatures used to roam the Earth, like dinosaurs.

Fossils also help us see how different animals have evolved into the species we recognise today. We can see how their characteristics changed over time.

Sir David Attenborough takes us on a trip back in time, as well as showing us some of his favourite fossils.

Fossils: Dinosaur footprints

A lot of what we know about dinosaurs comes from the footprints they left behind in the mud. Over a long period of time, the mud hardened into rock and the footprints became fossils. Learn how fossils can be used to estimate the weight of a dinosaur, and how it moved around.

Fossils: Ammonite fossils

Ammonites were squid-like sea creatures who lived inside a spiral shell. These shells became fossils, some small and some very large. Discover what these, and other fossils, tell us about life on Earth millions of years ago.

Evolution: Survival of the fittest

Have you ever wondered why plants and animals all look different? It’s because of evolution. They must adapt to the habitat in which they live to survive. Learn how it all works with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

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