How to support your child if they don't want to start school

This article was last updated on 23 October 2020

Starting primary school can be daunting for young children and they may feel reluctant in the weeks and days before their first day. Reception teacher Colette knows all about this - here are her tips to help you prepare your child for a happy start at big school.

Colette's tips

  • Every child will have their worries before school starts - this is normal - but others might feel this worry more strongly.
  • Help them to get familiar with their teacher - take advantage of home visits and taster days (where this is possible).
  • Get into school routines ahead of time.
  • Let them know that they might feel tired in the first few weeks, but that this is normal.
  • However, don't bombard them with too much information.
  • Have conversations about school!
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