How to become a celebrity party planner: Sairah Pinnock's story

When Sairah Pinnock was offered the chance to organise a 21st birthday party for her famous sister, Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock, she jumped at the opportunity.

It was at that point I thought okay, maybe actually I might look into that, maybe it might be something I can do as a career – Sairah Pinnock

  • Sairah works with celebrity clients from the creative industries to plan birthday parties and album launches

  • Sairah got her big break when her sister Leigh-Anne asked her to plan her 21st birthday party and this led to working on a single launch party for Little Mix too

  • Sairah works with her best friend; he helps her with the logistics and building relationships within the industry

  • Sairah says you need to be very good at communicating with people, helping to bring together all the different suppliers and vendors for the party

  • Sairah's degree was based around the arts in the community and involved a lot of project planning, which has helped her with her business.

Sairah is a party planner. A similar role to this is an events manager. Event managers organise and run conferences, exhibitions, promotions and business and social events.

What to expect if you want to be an events manager

  • Events manager average salary: £21,000 - £40,000 per year
  • Events manager typical working hours: 37 to 39 hours per week including evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

What qualifications do you need to be an events manager?

You could get into this role via a university course, a college course (such as a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma, or a T-level – England-only), an apprenticeship, working towards the role, volunteering or applying directly if you have relevant experience. Check with your course provider which alternative qualifications they accept.

Sources: LMI for All, National Careers Service, GOV.UK

This information is a guide and is constantly changing. Please check the National Careers Service website for the latest information and all the qualifications needed and the GOV.UK website for more on T-levels.

You can watch the documentary Leigh-Anne: Race, pop and power here. Please note there is some strong language in the programme, some discriminatory language and content some viewers may find offensive.

In the documentary, Leigh-Anne discusses her experiences of racism. If you have been a victim of racism, there are some links here to organisations which may be able to help you.

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