Audience Councils

Role and remit

The Council’s role is to ensure that the views of audiences in Scotland are brought to bear on the work of the BBC Trust, the BBC’s governing body. The Council is chaired by the BBC’s Trustee for Scotland.

Members give Trustees independent advice on how well the BBC is performing for audiences in Scotland on TV, radio and online. They meet regularly to consider audience issues and advise the Trust accordingly. Every year the Audience Council provides Trustees with an assessment of BBC performance for audiences in Scotland, based on research and audience views. It also identifies local audience priorities which the Trust considers when setting priorities for the BBC's management. The Council’s Annual Reviews can be seen here.

There are also BBC Audience Councils in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Councils meet at least once a year to discuss issues important for audiences across the UK.

The Council ensures audience perspectives are foremost in the Trust’s regular reviews of BBC services, and draws the Trust’s attention to issues of importance to audiences as they arise. Councils are consulted on any new service proposals. You can read the Council’s contributions to Trust consultations.

There are eleven members of the Audience Council who give their time freely to represent the audience.

Minutes of the Council’s meetings can be seen here.