The Trust has agreed a set of long-term objectives for the BBC that will form the basis for the management’s quarterly reporting and for the Trust’s annual assessment of the Executive Board’s performance. Those objectives are to:

  • Make the most creative and distinctive output;
  • Innovate online to create a more personal BBC;
  • Serve all audiences;
  • Improve value for money through a simpler, more efficient, and more open BBC.

In addition, the Trust has identified four specific areas that it considers to be priorities for immediate action.  As part of future reporting on overall performance, the Trust will expect the Executive to explain the action they are taking to address these priorities in order to demonstrate progress within the next year (or two years at the most).

These priorities are:

  1. To improve the quality, variety and originality of new drama on BBC One (particularly in peak time).
  2. To ensure firm control of overall headcount, including continued reductions in the number of senior managers.
  3. To make tangible progress in reflecting better the diversity of the UK population in the BBC’s workforce and its output, in particular increasing the number of women on air.
  4. To pursue more partnerships with other cultural and creative organisations across the UK.

You can read our assessment of performance against each of these priorities for 2014/15.