Jimmy Savile, the BBC and associated inquiries

This page contains a chronological list of BBC and BBC Trust announcements, publications and other activity since allegations first came to light in 2012 regarding Jimmy Savile.

4 Oct 2012

Statement from BBC Director-General George Entwistle regarding the sexual abuse allegations made against Jimmy Savile
10 Oct 2012 Letter from BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten to George Entwistle seeking assurance that relevant BBC processes and guidance are fit for purpose in light of the allegations
12 Oct 2012 Statement from George Entwistle apologising to victims and announcing formation of two independent reviews
16 Oct 2012 Announcement that review into Jimmy Savile to be led by Dame Janet Smith DBE and review into Newsnight to be led by Nick Pollard

Letter from Lord Patten to George Entwistle setting out division of responsibilities regarding the allegations and independent reviews
22 Oct 2012 Correction and clarification note relating to Peter Rippon's blog post of 2 October: 'Newsnight and Jimmy Savile'

Trust statement on correction to blog detailing concern at inaccuracies in BBC's description of Newsnight investigation
23 Oct 2012 Announcement that Dinah Rose QC to look at sexual harassment claims and practices

Statement issued to Panorama on 22 October regarding the correction to the blog

Exchange of letters between Secretary of State Rt Hon Maria Miller MP and Lord Patten regarding independent inquiries
1 Nov 2012 Publication of review procedures for the Pollard Review
14 Nov 2012 Publication of terms of reference for the Dame Janet Smith Review
19 Dec 2012 Publication of Pollard Review into issues relating to Newsnight

Publication of Editorial Standards finding on Newsnight, 2 November 2012, including report from Ken MacQuarrie
20 Feb 2013 Exchange of letters between Peter Saunders, Chief Executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, and Lord Patten
22 Feb 2013 Appendices and transcripts from the Pollard review published by the BBC Executive
4 Jun 2013 Announcement that Dame Linda Dobbs to lead investigation into conduct of Stuart Hall at the BBC

Publication of amended terms of reference for the Dame Janet Smith Review
17 Jun 2013 Statement from BBC Executive regarding Stuart Hall
16 Jul 2013 Letter from BBC Director-General Tony Hall to Trust Chairman Lord Patten
11 Dec 2013 Trust conclusions on Nick Pollard's account of a telephone conversation between Mr Pollard and a journalist
16 Dec 2014 Minutes of relevant meetings related to the Pollard Review and associated matters
25 Feb 2016 Publication of the Dame Janet Smith review