BBC network news coverage of the four UK nations

Date: 11.06.2008     Last updated: 24.11.2016 at 11.19

As part of our routine research and consultations with the public and our Audience Councils in each of the four nations during 2007, it became apparent that some people felt that the BBC was not covering the different policies of the nations in a way that enabled all audiences to understand fully what was happening in different parts of the UK.

Here the BBC Trust has published its impartiality report and conclusions on this topic following an independent review by Professor Anthony King and extensive research by Cardiff University and the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB).

Among its important findings, the report indicates a clear desire on the part of all audiences to learn about all parts of the UK. It also indicates that the BBC's coverage is generally seen as fair and impartial. But the analysis also points out shortcomings in the BBC's coverage. It suggests that the BBC needs to improve the range, clarity and precision of its network news coverage of what is happening in the different UK nations and regions and make this coverage more relevant and interesting to all audiences.

BBC Management has made clear its commitment to getting this right. The report includes an initial plan of action from them and the Trust has asked for a final action plan by the summer. The Trust will track Management's progress and repeat the formal research within 18 months.

Trust conclusions

BBC network news coverage of the four UK nations: the Trust's conclusions.

BBC Trust impartiality report

BBC Management action plan