Trust review of the breadth of opinion reflected in the BBC's output

In 2012 the Trust decided to launch an impartiality review of the breadth of opinion reflected in BBC output.

The Trust commissioned Stuart Prebble, a programme maker, author and former CEO of ITV, to lead the review. The review examined content on BBC national TV and radio, online content and looked at three subjects in particular as part of its review of breadth of opinion: content about religion and ethics, the UK's relationship to the EU and immigration.

As well as the authored report by Stuart Prebble, the review also included content analysis and audience research. The review below includes the Trust conclusions, Stuart Prebble's report and the Executive response. The content analysis and audience research, as well as a list of individuals and organisations consulted during this review, are provided separately.

2014 progress report

The Trust asked the Executive to report back on progress one year on from publication of the review. That progress report, together with the Trust's commentary, was published on 9 December 2014.