Our work

Our job is to get the best out of the BBC for licence fee payers. We set the strategic direction of the BBC.  We hold the Executive to account for its performance of its functions, and for its compliance with the law, with regulatory requirements, and with the policies, guidelines and codes that we set.  We are supported by the Trust Unit, a team of professional BBC staff who report directly to us and who are operationally independent from the rest of the BBC. 


We set the Corporation’s objectives – both public service and commercial arms. We formally assess proposals from the BBC to change or to establish new services.

Performance of BBC services

We check that services meet audiences’ expectations through an in-depth review every five years.  In every Annual Report, we report on how well the BBC is delivering the six public purposes set out in its Royal Charter. Before we take any major decisions, we carry out consultations.

Value for money

We check that the BBC’s operations are as efficient as they can be. We set and monitor efficiency targets and commission regular, independent value-for-money reviews. And through the annual budget-setting process, we check that money is where it needs to be in order to deliver our strategy.


We are the final point of appeal within the BBC for complaints, including editorial, fair trading and TV licensing. If a complaint is upheld, we can impose sanctions on the BBC.