Trust approves the BBC’s guidelines for its coverage of the May 2015 election

Date: 02.03.2015     Last updated: 11.03.2015 at 12.13

The Trust has approved the BBC’s Election Guidelines for the UK Parliament, English local government and mayoral elections in May 2015, following a public consultation.

The BBC has published the Election Guidelines 2015.

The Election Guidelines detail the editorial standards set by the BBC during the period leading up to and including an election. For 2015, the election period runs from 30 March to the close of polls on 7 May.

The Election Guidelines supplement the Editorial Guidelines set by the BBC to ensure that its content is duly accurate and duly impartial, and are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date and fit for purpose. The Guidelines are developed by the BBC Executive and are brought to the Trust for approval.

The appendix to the guidelines contains more specific guidance for BBC content producers over the election period, including advice on the relative levels of coverage different political parties might expect to receive on BBC services.

The Trust has also published a statement (fersiwn Cymraeg yma) which summarises the consultation responses with the Editorial Standards Committee's (ESC) conclusions. Responses to the consultation from organisations (fersiwn Cymraeg yma) have also been published.

Notes to Editors

A consultation on the BBC’s draft Election Guidelines ran from 4 November 2014 to 11 February 2015. A consultation on the Appendix to the Guidelines ran from 15 January to 11 February 2015. An electoral landscape paper and an annex to the landscape paper were published at the same time but were not part of the consultation.

A consultation on the BBC’s PEB allocation criteria ran from 4 November 2014 to 12 January 2015. Final criteria were published on 11 February.

(Welsh version here)