BBC Trust statement on the Director-General's response to the Wyatt Report

Date: 05.10.2007     Last updated: 23.09.2014 at 09.50
The Director-General has shared the Wyatt Report with the Chairman of the BBC Trust and the Chairman of the Trust's Editorial Standards Committee and briefed them on the actions he is announcing today.

"The Trust's Editorial Standards Committee has today received a report from BBC management about a breach of editorial standards by Radio 1 which occurred in 2006, but which was not included in the report received by the Trust at its September meeting. The Trust is satisfied that BBC management is taking appropriate action in light of this finding and that the breach raises no new issues which require any change to the Director-General's action plan. The Editorial Standards Committee will continue to receive regular reports on progress before the Director-General concludes his work and reports to the Trust in January.".