New services

To launch a new service, or make significant changes to existing services, the BBC must ask our permission. Before giving the go ahead we consider whether or not to launch a public value test (PVT). If we do decide to launch a PVT, the new service or the change to an existing service can't happen until the PVT is complete.

Public value test

A public value test is a way of assessing public value and market impact.

We use PVTs to help us work out the value to the public of, say, a proposed new BBC service and also to work out the impact it could have on the wider market. For example a new BBC radio network might produce value for the public but damage existing commercial radio networks.

Only if we see evidence that the public value is likely to outweigh any damaging impact on the market will we allow the proposal to go to consultation. When the public consultation is over, we make our decision.

You can find out more about the assessment process in our guidance document. Proposals for the introduction of a new service are subject to a procedural veto by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). An exchange of letters between the Trust and DCMS regarding the procedural veto can also be found below.