Tools we use

The Trust is responsible for setting the overall strategy for the BBC. The BBC Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the BBC to deliver this strategy. 

Once the overall strategy for the BBC has been set, the Trust has a number of different tools it uses to monitor the performance of the BBC’s services. The most important are the framework of Public Purposes and Purpose Remits; and the processes of issuing Service Licences and carrying out Service Reviews.

Sometimes the BBC Executive want to launch a new service, or make changes to existing services. When that happens, the Trust will use one of its assessment tools to make sure that the changes are not unfair to others in the broadcasting world and that they will help deliver the public purposes. This may entail a Competitive Impact Principle assessment (making sure that proposals minimise the potential for negative competitive impacts on the wider market); a Clause 25 Test (deciding whether a proposal constitutes a significant change to the UK Public Services); or a full Public Value Test (to weigh public value against market impact where the change is agreed to be significant).