C. The BBC's services

C1 – UK public services

This protocol explains how the Trust governs the BBC's UK public services and the processes to be followed when changes are proposed to those services.

C2 – International public services

This protocol defines the BBC's international public services and outlines the different responsibilities of the BBC Trust and the BBC Executive Board with regard to them.

C3 – Non-service activities

This protocol explains how the Trust governs those UK public service activities of the BBC which fall outside the framework established for the BBC's UK Public Services. These activities are known as 'non-service activities'.

Note: Protocol C3 – Non-service activities no longer exists. All references to non-service activities are now incorporated into Protocol C1.

C4 – Commercial services

This protocol explains how the Trust sets the strategic direction for the BBC's commercial activity and how the approvals framework for the BBC's commercial services operates.

C5 – BBC Monitoring

Since April 2013 BBC Monitoring ("BBCM") has been funded from the licence fee. The Governance arrangements that apply to BBCM are set out in this protocol.

In addition to this Protocol, and in accordance with the requirements of clause 64D of the BBC Agreement (as inserted by clause 5 of the amending Agreement signed in September 2011), the BBC and Government have agreed and signed a "Scheme" setting out BBC Monitoring's relationship with its key customers in Government.