Television Licensing complaints and appeals procedures

How to complain

The BBC has overall responsibility for collection of licence fees, but it contracts the work of collection and enforcement to a number of companies who use the trade mark TV Licensing. If you want to complain about the way television licence fees are collected you should complain to TV Licensing. If you want to find out how to complain to TV Licensing, please visit the TV Licensing website.

If you are unhappy with your response from TV Licensing, your next step is to take your complaint to the BBC Executive. How you can do this is explained on the TV Licensing website, which you can reach through the link above.

How to appeal

If you are not satisfied with your response from the BBC Executive, you can appeal to the Trust. The way to do this is set out in the Trust's Television Licensing Complaints Procedure:

Complaints framework - Procedure no. 3: Television Licensing complaints and appeals procedures

Fframwaith Cwynion y BBC - Gweithdrefn rhif 3: Gweithdrefnau Cwynion ac Apeliadau Trwyddedau Teledu

Appeals considered by the Trust

The Trust's Complaints and Appeals Board considers appeals to the Trust that relate to TV Licensing:

Complaints and Appeals Board