Editorial complaints and appeals

Editorial complaints are complaints about the content of BBC output.

How to complain

If you think the BBC has not complied with its own Editorial Guidelines, you have the right to complain to the BBC Executive. You can find details of how to complain on the BBC Complaints website.

How to appeal

If you are not happy with your response from the BBC Executive you can appeal to the Trust. You can find out how to do this in this document, which explains the full editorial complaints and appeals procedure:

Complaints framework - Procedure no. 1: Editorial complaints and appeals procedures

Fframwaith Cwynion y BBC - Gweithdrefn rhif 1: Gweithdrefnau cwynion golygyddol ac apeliadau

Appeals considered by the Trust

We publish bulletins in the course of each year containing details of our appeals findings on editorial standards complaints.

Editorial appeals findings

Editorial Guidelines

The BBC judges editorial complaints against its published Editorial Guidelines.