Dame Janet Smith review


The BBC Trust has published in full the report by Dame Janet Smith DBE of her inquiry into the BBC’s culture and practices during the Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall years.

The Review was established in October 2012 to conduct an impartial, thorough and independent review of the culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Jimmy Savile worked there.  A further investigation, into the conduct of Stuart Hall, was undertaken by Dame Linda Dobbs DBE, and is published as part of the report.

Volume 1 – Summaries and Conclusions of the Savile and Hall investigation reports

Summaries and Conclusions of the Savile and Hall investigation reports, PDF (6.4MB)

Volume 3 - The Stuart Hall investigation report

Content warning: Please note, the documents below include some graphic evidence and descriptions of sexual assault which some readers may find distressing. 

Full report, PDF (5.4MB) Chapter 8 - Their Stories: Complainant witnesses whose evidence was not the subject of the indictment to which Hall pleaded guilty in April 2013 or the indictment for which Hall was tried in May 2014 and are therefore untested in court (Second Term of Reference), PDF (1.9MB)
Table of Contents, PDF (1.1MB) Chapter 9 - The culture in the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s, PDF (1.5MB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction, PDF (1.6MB) Chapter 10 - The culture in the BBC during the relevant period (Fourth Term of Reference), PDF (2MB)
Chapter 2 - The Hall investigation's approach to the Terms of Reference, PDF (1.6MB) Chapter 11 - BBC Manchester television newsroom - Awareness of Hall's inappropriate sexual conduct (Third Term of Reference), PDF (2MB)
Chapter 3 - Stuart Hall, PDF (2.3MB) Chapter 12 - Why did Hall's sexual activities at the BBC remain unchecked? (Fourth Term of Reference), PDF (1.6MB)
Chapter 4 - BBC Manchester - A history, PDF (1.6MB) Hall investigation – Summary, PDF (1.2MB)
Chapter 5 - BBC Manchester Regional Television News, PDF (2.4MB) Hall investigation conclusions - The questions answered, PDF (5.4MB)
Chapter 6 - Their Stories: Complainant witnesses whose evidence was the subject of counts alleging indecent assault on the first indictment to which Hall pleaded guilty on 16 April 2013 (First Term of Reference), PDF (2.2MB) Appendices, PDF (4MB)
Chapter 7 - Their Stories: Complainant witnesses whose evidence was the subject of counts alleging rape and indecent assault on the second indictment for which Hall was tried and acquitted (save for two counts of indecent assault) in May 2014 (First and Second Terms of Reference), PDF (2.4MB)  

Frequently asked questions

  1. What has the Trust done since receiving the report?

    Trustees have been able to read the report since it was delivered on 15 February, and discussed both the report and the BBC Executive’s response in a full meeting of the Trust on Tuesday 23 February.

    Our role is to represent licence fee payers. On their behalf, the Trust has had two responsibilities. First, we had to carefully consider the report and judge whether it was in the public interest to publish it. We decided it was and have published the report in full.

    Second, we have looked carefully at the BBC management’s action plan to assess whether we feel they are taking the right steps to address the issues Dame Janet raises. We are satisfied that they are but will be expecting regular updates on progress.

  2. Why has it taken 10 days to publish the report?

    Dame Janet Smith and Dame Linda Dobbs’ reports deal with very serious issues. We needed time to properly consider the reports’ conclusions and recommendations, and to assess whether the proposed actions by BBC management were appropriate and sufficient. 

  3. How will the Trust make sure the BBC takes appropriate action to address the issues identified?

    The BBC has set out the actions they are taking. We believe they are the right steps, but will keep a watching brief on progress. We have also discussed this at length with the Director General and know he is absolutely committed to doing everything necessary. He also recognises that to bring about real cultural change in the BBC, it requires the involvement and support of anyone working in and around the BBC.

  4. How will the BBC report to the Trust on progress in responding to Dame Janet’s report?

    As recommended by Dame Janet Smith, the Executive will commission audits of the BBC’s policies on child protection, complaints and whistleblowing, and investigations. We expect the Executive to report the findings to the Trust within six months and if any further action is needed in light of this, we will ensure that the Executive takes it.

    We have also been clear that the changes to the BBC’s culture must be substantial and permanent. Progress on this work will be a standing item at every Trust meeting until the end of the year.


Review costs

Costs from the Dame Janet Smith Review and GoodCorporation Review of BBC child protection and whistleblowing policies can be found below.

Breakdown of costs:

  • Reed Smith (fees and disbursements): £5.4m
  • Dame Janet Smith and Dame Linda Dobbs: £724,000
  • BBC Costs: £405,000
  • Witness Legal Costs: £6,000

Total costs: £6.5m*

BBC Trust costs (external legal support): £78,614.62 (excl VAT)**

The BBC has also today published the costs of the Good Corporation review of the BBC’s child protection and whistleblowing policies.

Total costs: £173,654

*Costs correct as of February 19, 2016.

**Costs confirmed as of February 25 2016. Final costs will be published as part of 2015/16 Annual Report and Accounts.

Details of the Savile Compensation Scheme

The total payments made to survivors of Jimmy Savile, as part of the Savile Compensation Scheme, can be found below.

The terms of the Scheme were agreed with lawyers for the survivors of Savile, the NHS and the Savile estate in February 2014.

Forty four claims were received, 36 were settled and eight were rejected.

A total of £907,000 has been paid out.

This includes:

  • £526,000 for damages
  • £381,000 for legal fees

The window for bringing a claim under the Scheme has now closed.

Support and advice

The BBC Trust is deeply grateful to all those who had the courage to speak to Dame Janet Smith and Dame Linda Dobbs’ reviews. We recognise that many of those who contacted the reviews have re-lived experiences which are painful and difficult.

The Review consulted with the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) to help those who may have required support in speaking about their experiences, or support more generally. We would encourage anyone who feels that he or she needs help or assistance to contact NAPAC’s free, confidential Support Line on 0800 085 3330. Further information about NAPAC can be found at http://www.napac.org.uk. Alternatively, people can contact the NSPCC on its free helpline: 0808 8005000 or the Lucy Faithfull Foundation on its free helpline: 0808 1000 900.

BBC progress report of July 2016

This progress report sets out what progress has been made to date in relation to the Dame Janet Smith Review.

BBC response to the Dame Janet Smith review of December 2016

The BBC published its official response to the review on 6 December 2016 and the Trust issued a statement.