How to appeal to the Trust

If you have complained to the BBC or to TV Licensing and you are unhappy with your final response, you can appeal to the Trust.  The appeals procedure for each type of complaint is set out in the relevant complaints procedure. The complaints procedures can be found on the right of this page.

You can only come to the Trust once your complaint has been considered by the Executive and been through their process. Please note that the process varies slightly depending on what your original complaint was about. Please use the links on the right to take you to the appropriate guidance for your appeal.

Time limits for appeal requests

If your complaint is about the BBC or TV Licensing you have 20 days to ask for an appeal from the date of your final letter from the BBC Executive about your complaint. The Trust may allow longer if you have a good reason for the delay.

Where to write

You should write or email the Trust Unit to ask for an appeal. If you can't put your request in writing or have access problems, please see Problems with writing below. 

Appeals should be sent to:

Complaints Adviser
BBC Trust Unit
180 Great Portland Street


Problems with writing?

If you can't send your request for an appeal in writing or if you have an access problem, please contact the Trust Unit Enquiries Line on 03700 103 100. Textphone 03700 100 212.

What your letter should contain

For editorial, fair trading and general appeal we ask that your letter follows this format: Give brief details of your complaint and why you are not satisfied with the final response to it, and include any reference number and date from the final response to your complaint. Please keep your letter under 1000 words (about four sides). If it has to be longer, please also send a one-page summary.

Does the Trust always accept requests for appeals?

No. It depends on the nature of the complaint and whether or not it fits our published criteria for appeals. Either way, we will let you know our decision and tell you the reasons for it within 40 working days of receipt of your appeal.

What happens when a request for an appeal is accepted?

If your request for an appeal is accepted the appeal will be considered by the relevant Trust committee (editorial appeals, for example, are heard by the Editorial Standards Committee). In some cases you may be invited to take part. You will be sent the decision and it will be published on this website.

Please note that the appeals process varies according to the subject of the complaint, so before you ask for an appeal we advise you to read the relevant full guide – there are links on the right of this page.