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'Harry is immortal': Seven Harry Potter theories that will blow your tiny muggle mind

To Harry on his 38th birthday...

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July 31 every year is a monumental day in the world of Harry Potter: it's the boy wizard's birthday.

Author JK Rowling gave the character the same birthday as her own - today is Rowling's 53rd birthday, while Harry turns 38.

While birthdays come and go, the Harry Potter fandom is immortal. And so are the theories about and interpretations of Rowling's beloved works. So, to celebrate both of their birthdays, here's a taste of some of the wackier Potter theories out there.

Prepare to have your tiny muggle mind blown.

Ronbledore: Albus Dumbledore is actually a time travelling Ron Weasley

Looks like this post is no longer available from its original source. It might've been taken down or had its privacy settings changed."

In a nutshell, this theory suggests that Dumbledore is actually Ron from the future. How else does Dumbledore constantly know what they are up to? How else do you explain those physical similarities - similar noses, scars on the same knee, long fingers, naturally red hair and a passion for chocolate frog cards and sweets?

Then there’s the fact that Dumbledore sees himself holding socks in the Mirror of Erised (which shows people’s deepest desires) in The Philosopher's Stone, tying directly into Ron never appreciating his mum’s Christmas socks.

It's a theory that's been around for years, documented extensively by folks like The Toast.

There are some flaws to this thinking though, as it originated before Ron hooked up with Hermione and Dumbledore was revealed to be gay. But hey, there's no reason why Ronbledore wouldn't swing both ways.

As The Toast would say: “Keep the faith, keep the watch, and keep a light burning in the night for Ronbledore.”

Ginny spiked Harry with love potion

Looks like this post is no longer available from its original source. It might've been taken down or had its privacy settings changed."

Ever thought Harry fell for Ginny a bit suddenly? As though one moment it was all about Cho Chang and the next minute he’s married to Ginny with babies? Well, this theory suggests that this wasn’t down to matching rampant teenage hormones with fiery red hair and natural Weasely charm, but to a potent love potion.

Ginny's own mother admitted to getting up to similar action in her school days, while Fred and George not only made, but also sold the stuff, so arguably it runs in the family. After all, this is the gal who was possessed by Tom Riddle for a year, so a little drop of love tonic probably didn’t even feel like a big deal.

For the cynics out there, there is a contingent of fans who have always rooted for Harry to be with Hermione in place of Ron… so the jury’s out on whether this theory is a potential attempt to discredit our dear Ginny.

Dementors can sniff out Harry’s extra soul

Dementors have always loved a bit of Harry, gliding in like sinister moths to his spectacled flame. Lupin always said it was down to the horrors of Harry’s past that drew them in, but there's an alternative theory

And as we now know, as one of his Horcruxes, Harry was carrying part of Voldemort's soul and therefore embodying a part of him. The Dementors were therefore instantly attracted to him for that 2-for-the-price-of-1 soul situation.

Hard to argue with that logic really...

JK Rowling is really Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter and JK RowlingWarner Bros/Getty Images

You remember Rita, the relentless, morally-challenged journo? Well, one theory goes that she stopped living in the magical world after she was ostracised for embellishing and/or outright lying. She went off to live with the muggles and fell on hard times, turning to writing and penning the story of Harry Potter.

The Ministry of Magic just let her get on with it, knowing that no one would believe her. Which means JK Rowling is actually Rita Skeeter, and the whole story is true. Which also means, surely, that my Hogwarts acceptance letter is just delayed in the post. Right?

Harry is immortal

Any self respecting Harry Potter fan knows about the Harry/Voldemort prophecy, that "either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives".

On the surface, that sounds like one has to kill the other - but one brilliant fan has suggested an alternative meaning; that they can only die when killed by the other. So by killing Voldemort, Harry now cannot die, and is destined to live an immortal life, never seeing his departed family and friends ever again.

Sad face.

Crookshanks actually used to belong to the Potters.

Crookshanks, the squish-faced, fluffy, ginger cat, has just got a serious bit of back story. The original Grumpy Cat, according to this theory, once used to belong to the Potter family.

The facts:

- Hermione bought him from the Magical Menagerie, him having been ‘there for ages; no one wanted him’.

- He knew exactly who Sirius and Wormtail were in their animagus form (in Prisoner of Azkaban), suggesting prior knowledge.

- In the Deathly Hallows, Harry found a letter his Mum wrote to Sirius, mentioning that Harry almost killed the cat on his toy broomstick.

Everyone in Hufflepuff was high

Hufflepuff badger smoking weedBBC Three

A theory so simple it couldn’t really make more sense. It one fell swoop, it explains the unwavering jolliness of Hufflepuff, their tendency to be a little spaced out, and the relevance of ‘huff’ and ‘puff’ in their name. The answer? They’re constantly stoned. In the unlikely event you need more evidence, check out this Tumblr

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