Steven Naismith, Martin Olsson and Jonny Howson model Norwich City's new kitNorwich City FC

The worst football kits of all time...

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Norwich City FC recently revealed their third kit, with the club noting that the design is 'inspired by history'.

We're not sure if they mean the history of moquette seating patterns or some sort of homage to their infamous 1990s bird poo kit, but it's fair to say that fan reaction has been both swift and scathing...

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Savage. Here's a by no means exhaustive list of some of the other most dreadful football kits ever designed...

Deportivo Palencia kit. Image from @CDPalencia@CDPalencia

Third division Spanish team Deportivo Palencia's 'inside-out' kit looks like a flayed body and brings a whole new coinage to the term 'playing in skins'.

It was designed by Kappa, almost famous for those 'popper-pants' that once dominated every sink-town in Britain. Enough said.

Reggina, 2015

Reggina kit, 2015Google

Was this the get up that inspired Deportivo's latest outing? Was there some kind of bet involved - whereby Deportivo were challenged to go one better?

Either way, we love this super-hero/Hellboy/Sparta mash-up.

Australia, 1990

Australia kit, 1990Google

Looking like it was designed by Cezanne or one of the other great impressionists, this was Australia's national kit for the 1990 World Cup.

Colorado Caribous, 1978

Colorado Caribous kitGetty Images

Has anything ever lent more point to the argument that Americans don't understand football, or that the 70s was the decade when style dies, than this beige monstrosity, complete with real fringe?

Dundee, 1953

Dundee kit, from toffs.comtoffs.com

So versatile. A football kit and a picnic blanket. This was Dundee's attempt at "tartan-it-up", back in the 50s.

Estonia, 1996

Estonia kitGoogle

The 90s really does have a lot to answer for, doesn't it? This migraine-inducing number encapsulates the golden age of 8-bit gaming, whilst also reminding us of the Aztec zone from The Crystal Maze.

Everton 2011

Everton kit 2011Google

Goalies generally tend to be at the sharper end of the spectrum when it comes to whacky kit designs, but what's always struck us as odd about this installment from Everton is that it suggests that there's something to be gained by hiding one's goal-keeper. We're not really sold on the worth of that as a tactic and going full incognito clearly didn't work as well as the manager might've liked - they let in 40 goals in the Prem that year.

Hull, 1992

Hull Kit, 1992Jane Dallaway, Flickr

Guaranteed to terrify the opposition, or at least inspire a hunger for Frosties was this wild design for Hull (the Tigers) City, back in '92.

SC Heerenveen

SC HeerenveenGoogle

This wouldn't look out of place on one of the Queen of Hearts' minions in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

So there you go, it turns out there have been loads and loads of terrible football kits over the years.

And here's one bonus shot just to finish. AS Roma's kit isn't even that bad. It's Spalletti's splaying that made us laugh out loud.