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15 funny moments spotted in Red Dead Redemption 2

The โ€˜most realistic game of all timeโ€™ has some hilariously unrealistic glitches

Natalie Ktena
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Warning: embeds in the following article may contain plot spoilers. 

When a new video game comes out, fans have come to expect a snag or two. 

Whether it's the FIFA 14 glitch that made footballers’ and referees’ hands balloon in size, or the bug in Fallout 76 where players spontaneously turned into mutants in their underwear, for some gamers, finding these slip-ups can be part of the fun.

And now, the much-hyped Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) seems to be giving online nitpickers something to talk about. 

The game, which cost millions of dollars to develop and took eight years to make, is centred around hero Arthur Morgan and his gang as they make an escape across the Wild West. It's been claimed that RDR2 may be the most realistic game of all time – after all, even the horses' testicles change size depending on the weather.

But players have been spotting some hilariously unrealistic and absurd moments, some of which are down to glitches

Here are some of the most talked about ones so far:

Well, that escalated quickly...

In the Old West, you expect things to get pretty wild, but in RDR2, things can go from zero to 100 in seconds.  

Take this moment which started out as an unfortunate horse and carriage crash - and then…


And while we've heard of riding dressage and showjumping, we’re not quite sure what to call this style of riding... 

Either way, it's probably not the best choice if you want to win.    

Cowboys versus aliens

Now if you’re in a Western game set hundreds of years ago, you’d expect to deal with the odd local bandit, yes? Maybe even a rival cowboy gang?

How about a UFO?

As far as we know, there were no cowboy/alien stand-offs, but there are theories that the UFO appearance is intentional.  

However, when the usual suspects - aka man on horse - do come to visit, be prepared for them to come out of nowhere. Like here, where a horse and man make a rather dramatic entrance: 


Generally, this Western can be a pretty painful place. Even if you’re a damsel in distress (*rolls eyes*)… 

Disappearing acts

If a cowboy charged at you with a gun, you'd think things couldn't get much worse. But thanks to another nifty bug, there's the added worry of the world spontaneously swallowing you up, too.

We’re not sure what that underground quasi-sky dive is all about, but tbf the player escaped his gun-wielding enemy, so we’ll take it. 

Harry Potter-style disappearing acts seem to be a recurring phenomenon spotted by tweeting fans. 

Not only can your opponents randomly walk through walls...

...but public transport can literally ghost you, like this teleporting train...

Of all the disappearing acts we’ve come across, we didn’t see anyone as devastated as this gamer when his Arthur lost his greatest asset...

We feel for you, Ninth. 

Though, we reckon he’d soon forget about his beard if he suddenly lost his entire body, like this guy: 

Still, he wears the suit well. And this guy’s feet are touching the ground, which we’ve learnt, you can’t take for granted in this world...

Just a bit of casual levitating. Nothing weird here, right? 

Our favourite bit of floating has got to be this subtle moonwalk (look out for the guy on the platform)...

Finally, there are some pretty unfortunate - we’re going to call them mergers - that take place in the game, including this one, where a prisoner seems to have sat on a character’s face in an, erm, unfortunate position...

As well as this man-fish hybrid battling it out... 

Not exactly what you have in mind when catching a fish, is it?

Our favourite one, though? This issue with a character's trousers was picked up by Hadleigh Frederick, 30, a gamer from Leeds. “Basically, you could see his booty,” he tells BBC Three.

For Hadleigh, who plays on average 21 hours a week, glitches in new releases aren’t cause for concern. “When a new game is released, it is fairly common,” he explains. “I usually expect them, and prefer to be pleasantly surprised when the game is glitch-free.”

In fact, when it comes to RDR2, he feels it does well in comparison to other new releases. “I actually haven’t found too many when I've been playing,” he says. “I take into account the game's sheer size and how detailed the game is. Any sort of glitch I encounter is usually comical.”

Other games with great glitches

These Red Dead Redemption 2 moments have made us lol, but let's not forget other classic blips, too.

Whether you've come across this impressive footwork while on a quest against evil in epic fantasy Skyrim...

Or this basketball player’s phenomenal transformation mid-scoring in NBA 2K17... 

Or even remember this bath demon in The Sims... 

...it all adds to the entertainment.

That said, we're not sure how the next game will top moonwalking cowboys, teleporting trains and disappearing beards tbh.

BBC Three contacted Rockstar Games, the developer and publisher of Red Dead Redemption 2 for comment, but did not hear back.

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