Dadbag when drivingDadbag

The bum bag renaissance has gone too far

The dad bag must be stopped

Tomasz Frymorgen

Enough is enough.

For months, we have gritted our teeth, helplessly watching the resurrection of the bum bag.

On catwalk.

Bum bag 1Getty Images

After catwalk.

BumbagsGetty Images

Bum bags - once a reliable indicator of total un-coolness - have become very very cool.

In fact, they’re not even called bum bags any more (or fanny packs, as they are known in the US, for that matter). The fashion world has rebranded them 'belt bags' or 'hip bags'.

 The hype seems to have worked, with celebrities hopping on the trend.

 Like A$AP Rocky

AsaprockyGetty Images

And Miley Cyrus

But did anyone consider the dangers of this wardrobe fad fusing with another recent fashion trend like, say, the dad bod?

No, they didn’t. 

And behold what has been brought into this world.

Dad bagDadbag

Introducing the 'dad bag', a bum bag that will make you the (proud?) owner of a full-on dad belly.

Created by British designer Albert Pukies, this item gives you the voguish dad bod without having to put in any of the work required to sculpt it – chiefly drinking alcohol, eating junk food and remaining stationary.

Why not use it to store your beers?

Beer bagDad bag

Or headphones?


Opinion on this new offering has been divided.

The bag is not currently available for purchase, but it’s a testament to the endlessly surprising places that our culture takes us.