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The ad campaigns that accidentally (or not) launched filthy hashtags

On the sixth anniversary of Susan Boyle's infamous album release, let's pause to remember these epic fails

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This week marks the sixth anniversary of one of the most glorious Twitter hashtag fails of all time: the badly worded launch of a new album by Scottish singer Susan Boyle.

Yes, if you're only seeing it for the first time, take a moment to sound that one out.

Accident or not, that hashtag has never stopped providing glee to Twitter users - and people are marking the momentous anniversary.

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The Boyle anniversary got us reminiscing about some of the more unfortunate hashtag choices of advertising campaigns past. Were they accidental or were they actually a clever marketing tool to get everyone talking?

Fashion retailer Dorothy Perkins' risqué innuendo hashtag:

The time Cheltenham Literary Festival patted themselves on the backs for this one:

Which reminded one hawk-eyed user of similar missteps in Middle Earth:

The time working at Blackberry sounded a little saucy:

And finally, the Toronto metro slogan encouraging everyone to have a good time:

They might not have gone down as the best campaign ads in history, but it's good to have a little giggle.

This article was originally published on 22 November 2017.

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