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A Scottish bakery is being terrorised by a seagull with a taste for crisps

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Look up in the sky...

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Oh...it is a bird.

Staff at a bakery in Scotland say they won't call the police despite a seagull regularly nicking items from the shop floor.

Seagull inside bakeryPaul Reid

As if this story couldn't get any better, the bird has been dubbed, Steven Seagull.

We've spoken to the manager of the Greggs bakery in Arbroath today who told us: "He's been coming in here ever since the store opened. So about six years."

Greggs staffPaul Reid

Steven apparently comes into the shop up to 10 times a day, "usually when he thinks we are not looking" and has "a thing for crisps".

Seagull flying away from shop with crispsPaul Reid

Seagulls swooping to gather their breakfast, lunch or dinner isn't new.

Seagull eating chipsGetty Images

By origin they are usually found near water sources which allows easy access to fish.

But over the years they've developed a taste for food us humans consume.

Not everyone is a fan of the species though.

Some tourists and residents in coastal areas have complained, about the sometimes aggressive behaviour of the birds.

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As well as stealing food, seagulls have also been blamed for killing a dog and a tortoise.

Culling them, or bringing in other predatory birds, are out of the questions as seagulls are a protected species.

Seagull eats a chipGetty Images

These tips have been released as to how deal with a gull.

Don't eat food out in the open when there are seagulls around.

Nets and spikes on buildings to deter nests.

Gull-proof bins to deter scavenging.