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Someone put strawberries on a pizza and people are deeply conflicted

Declan Cashin
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We live in highly partisan times, when we seem more divided than ever before on everything from politics to pop culture.

But surely we can all agree on the supremacy of pizza as a foodstuff? It is, quite simply, the greatest. And when it comes to pizza toppings, the crust-loving brethren is a largely tolerant one. We can politely disagree about mushrooms or pepperoni, anchovies or sweetcorn without descending into rancour and recrimination.

Even the hotly contested issue of pineapple as a topping hasn't been enough to tear the pizza-worshipping community apart.

Because, seriously, you would really have to work hard to make pizza inedible.

Step forward one particularly contrary Twitter user.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is strawberries on a pizza - and this person considers it a superior fruit topping to the beleaguered pineapple.

Not surprisingly, people have ~feelings~ about it.

Others, however, were supportive of - or at least curious about - the strawberry innovation/abomination*

(*Delete where appropriate)

So maybe we should keep an open mind about it all?

Besides, we should probably all stay united in the face of an even greater pizza topping challenge...

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So, where do you stand on this?

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