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The Vegan Bros on being a sexy vegan bro...

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Matt and Phil are the Vegan Bros. In one sense, that’s not a very clever name. They're vegan and they're brothers too.

On the other hand, it’s very clever, because, as well as being brothers, they’re also bros. Alright, not that clever. But they have definitely hijacked the term ‘bro’ for their audience...

Vegan Bro (vee-guhn, bro)

One in the righteous pursuit of fitness, knowledge, ethics and the life of their dreams, with the unquenchable thirst for fat loss and muscle gain.

In a series of quite sweary videos ( watch here if you're not sensitive to a few effs and jeffs), they’ve taken their mission to train an army of 'fit, sexy vegan soldiers'. They claim to have answers to some of the following questions:

How can I stop feeling like a loser?

How can I get friends and dates?

How can I stop being such a weak-ass, hippie vegan? I want to be a Vegan Bro!

On the day that Peta release their list of Sexiest Vegans UK and Ireland, we thought it fitting to get their views on being a sexy, vegan bro…

What’s the idea behind Vegan Bros?

Matt: We launched Vegan Bros to usher in the new age of the vegan. There’s used to be this stereotype in the past of what a vegan looked like. We know vegans who work in the police, the military, as investment bankers… we even have a vegan friend who was raised on a cattle farm.

Phil: At this point, veganism takes in a cross-section of society. Bros from all walks of life. We’re showing that.

Are vegans more sexy?

Phil: Yeah.

Matt: We tell people that, on a scale of one to ten, if you’re a 6 and you go vegan, you automatically become a 9. If you’re already a 10 and you go vegan, you basically become a god.

What are your top tips?

Phil: If somebody wants to look at veganism, we encourage them to look at slow, incremental changes. One of the ways we like to look at a plate is: instead of subtracting or adding, we recommend replacing. There are alternatives out there.

Matt: We also recommend not having to think of veganism as an either all-in or all-out thing. Our friend, who’s a police officer in Dallas, has been doing meat-free Mondays for the last three months. We applaud that.

What’s the best way to make vegan gains?

Matt: We definitely recommend a resistance or strength training with weights. That’s gonna have a big impact.

Phil: Yeah, we recommend compound movements too, like overhead pressing, bench press, dead lifts, bent-over row and squats. Those are what we call the big five.

What do you guys get up to in your spare time?

Phil: We like to read.

Matt: We read and drink.

At the same time?

Matt: Absolutely. We call alcohol 'creativity juice'.

Phil: One of our mottos is ‘vodka is vegan’.

Tell me about how Vegan Bros has grown, or ‘made gains’.

Matt: We make jokes and we cast a broad tent (sic). We’re very inclusive. Our idea is that most people are opposed to animal cruelty and, if you’re opposed to animal cruelty, you’re already 90% vegan. Your diet is just the last 10%.

What does it mean to be a bro?

Phil: Er… we use it in a slightly ironic way.

Matt: It’s dual too, because we are actually brothers. But yeah, the word ‘bro’ encompasses who we are.

Phil: In the past, the terms 'vegan' and 'bro' didn’t go together, but, nowadays, it’s fine to be a vegan and be a bro too.

Matt: We’re at a point now where you can no longer just point the vegan out of the crowd. They’re everywhere. You could be talking to a vegan and not even know it!

Phil: There’re also tonnes of professional athletes going vegan now. You’ve got guys like Nate Diaz, the UFC fighter; NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers; pro bodybuilder Torre Washington. It’s become self evident that not only can you make gains as a vegan, but you can also compete at the highest level of sport and win.

Matt: You even have Arnie encouraging people to eat vegan more often as a way to combat climate change.

When did all this change start to happen?

Matt: There’s been a big change in recent years. Look at where the money’s going - you’ve got Bill Gates investing in vegan start-ups. Companies like Beyond Meat.

Does veganism sell then?

Matt: Oh yeah. Capitalism is going vegan.