Hannah Edwards' bulldog cake un-sliced, on the left, and the sliced head on the rightHannah Edwards/Instagram

Everyone's freaked out about these unsettlingly realistic dog cakes

Gonna win star baker on the Great British BARK Off (wow, we're so funny)

Ashitha Nagesh
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Do you ever look at your beloved pet and think, "OMG YOU ARE SO CUTE I COULD LITERALLY EAT YOU UP!?" (Just us?) Well, one baker could make all your creepy dreams come true.

But not everyone thinks it’s a good thing.

A Food Insider video of a dog cake, made by baker Hannah Edwards (aka The Cake Illusionist), has divided opinion online, with viewers unable to decide whether Hannah is an incredibly talented cake artist, or a serial killer who secretly wants to chop up all of our pets.

We have to admit, they do look just like real dogs...

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Border Terrier Cake. 😍

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And it is a tad strange eating a slice of poor old Rover's face.

So people were… not so into it.

Hannah, who is based in Hertfordshire, tells BBC Three that she has been bombarded with negative emails about the cakes, accusing her of being a "sadist" for "wanting to cut up animals”.

“According to the messages I’ve been getting, apparently I’m Dexter the TV serial killer – so I’m making these cakes to relieve some inner desire to hack people up,” she says. “I’m just like, 'Mate, I just make cakes for a living!'"

She says the people who are ordering these realistic delicacies are often avid dog lovers too.

“I’ve got one regular customer who’s got huskies, and he orders birthday cakes that look like his huskies, for his huskies," Hannah says. "Every time one of them has a birthday. Obviously he loves them!”

But, as well as the criticism, Hannah says she’s had a lot of praise from vegetarians and vegans for apparently highlighting the flagrant double standard of eating some animals while valuing and pampering others.

“I have had some messages from vegans asking me to use this to champion animal rights, asking me to make a really hyper-realistic baby cow, make the cake completely vegan, and then cut through its head,” Hannah (a vegetarian herself) says.

“Part of me is tempted, just to deal with the hypocrisy of it, but at the same time, I’m not Damien Hirst. I just want to bake cakes!”

Well, if there’s one thing the world needs more of, it’s cake-based political activism.

Still, there is something unsettling about how realistic they are – and no matter how many times you remind yourself that it’s Victoria sponge, it might be hard not to feel like you’re slicing up Lassie for dessert.

Then again, at least Hannah’s dog cakes are nowhere near as creepy as these realistic baby cakes that have been doing the rounds online for the last few years.

I mean… why, WHY DO THESE EXIST?

And if you feel like instilling the fear of god in your child, why not give them this terrifying cake with fangs in it (which was made by LA-based artist Scott Hove)?

Nothing like worrying you’re going to be mauled by your own birthday cake.

Still, while it’s pretty impressive what you can do with some humble sponge nowadays, we’ll probably just go for a nice bundt when we’re feeling adventurous.