McGregor vs FuryParody

What if Conor McGregor fought Tyson Fury?

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Most of us have heard the tale of David and Goliath.

You know the narrative - a little fella scraps against a giant of a man and ends up winning.

But what if there was a real life 21st century version? What if a 5ft 9in world champion MMA fighter tackled a 6ft 9in world champion boxer in the ring?

Well, it could happen… possibly.

Ladies and Gentlemen... in David's corner: UFC’s Conor McGregor!

Conor McGregorGetty Images

And in Goliath's corner: Boxing’s Tyson Fury!

Fury, the gigantic, Manchester-born, Irish-bred heavyweight boxing champ, has already ripped the gloves off. He reckons he's the “pride of Ireland” and has been less than complimentary about featherweight world champion McGregor’s sport, which he describes as “bull****”.

“Any place, any time,” is the paraphrased gist of Fury’s trash-talk.

Tyson FuryGetty Images

So what would happen if the two fought each other?

Firstly, we need to think about the rules for this scrap. Fury fights in a ring, McGregor in an octagon. Four corners versus eight… A hexagon must be the ideal compromise.

On to the rules now… Boxing or MMA?

Whatever the format, surely the cards are stacked in Fury’s favour. He has a 12-inch height advantage, an 11-inch reach advantage and - taking their most recent fights as a comparison - weighs just over five-and-a-half stone more. And that was after McGregor moved up from featherweight to welterweight. As we’ve said, this is David versus Goliath territory.

But remember… David won.

Perhaps McGregor can use his speed and greater agility to dance out of the way of Fury’s fists. He knows how to strike with kicks, which he would be able to do while keeping his distance from the big man.

McGregor can also grapple, force his opponent to the floor via a takedown and do submission holds, all of which is alien territory for Fury. But could the UFC man do all this against somebody weighing nearly 20 stone?

McGregor vs. FuryGetty Images

McGregor remains the featherweight champion but was forced to submit by American Nate Diaz in the second round of their fight at the weekend after he moved up to welterweight.

He admitted afterwards: “I took a chance to move up a weight and it didn't work.”

It might be stating the obvious, but if McGregor can’t handle a welterweight, he’s going to struggle with the heavyweight champion of the world.

Verdict: Goliath (Fury) beats David (McGregor) this time around...