The England team celebrate beating Colombia on penalties.GETTYIMAGES

The best #ItsComingHome memes

We've left the Cup's bedroom just how it was, and it's definitely, definitely coming home

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Ciaran Varley
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England ACTUALLY won a penalty shootout last night. And it hasn’t rained for about a month. What’s going on? Is the whole of England in the Upside Down now?

If you are supporting the Three Lions then that unusual feeling you have is called optimism.

And, going by social media, everyone in England is convinced that IT is finally coming home. 

Marcel from Friends thinks it’s coming home

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Even Ross is grudgingly willing to get on board.

Ross Kemp reckons it’s coming home like an errant EastEnders character returning to the Queen Vic

Gareth Southgate’s tailor has no doubt that it’s coming home

Neo from The Matrix has taken the red pill and now sees everything clearly

Doctor Strange has seen the future...

The Match of The Day team have spun the hoover around the place, ready for it to come home

England’s captain Harry Kane has booked a taxi on an antiquated phone because he’s so sure it’s coming home

Michelangelo knew it was coming home way back in the 1400s

These lads obviously have faith that it's coming home

Jesse Lingard has told his mum he won’t be won’t be home for tea...

...so it better well be bleeding coming home now, hey.