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First non-binary person legally recognised in the US: “I am free”

History was made in Oregon this week, as Jamie Shupe became the first non-binary person to receive legal recognition.

“I am free... I refused to be classified. And now I’ve been vindicated,” Jamie wrote.

Non-binary refers to gender identities that do not fall into the binary categories of male and female.

In the United Kingdom, non-binary genders are not currently legally recognised. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 lets people apply to legally change their gender but they are subject to set requirements and a fee of £140.

The UK Government has refused to recognise non-binary people, stating in response to a petition, “it is not Government policy to identify such people”.

An early day motion was submitted in November 2015 asking to debate legal recognition for non-binary people but it has yet to be debated.

You can find out more about the historic decision here.

Originally published 17 June 2016.