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Which Love Actually stories do you actually love the most?

On its 15th anniversary, vote for your favourite love stories - romantic and platonic - from the classic festive romcom

Declan Cashin
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Can you actually believe that Love Actually is now 15 years old?

The Christmassy ensemble romantic comedy was first released in November 2003 (on 14 November in the US, and a week later in the UK), and in the decade and a half since it hit our cinema screens it has become something of a modern classic

Since its release, the movie has withstood critical indifference - and a backlash for some plot points that are today deemed problematic - to become a perennially popular staple of the Christmas viewing schedules. Not to mention a go-to favourite for contemporary memes.

So, to mark the occasion, we're giving you the definitive say on your favourite parts of the movie. We've listed the 10 main story threads in Love Actually, and you have three votes to select the plots closest to your heart. This way, the most popular options rise to the top, and you'll get to see how much your Love Actually opinions chime with other fans'. So choose wisely!

Maybe you're not the only one who thinks Rowan Atkinson is the best part of the movie? Or perhaps there are many of you who think the Colin-in-America segment is the best? (You'd be wrong, but you do you bbz).

Let the Love-in begin.

God Only Knows what Christmas viewing would be without Love Actually, eh?

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  • Comment number 3. Posted by Ray Penn

    14 Nov 2018 14:58
    Tiny adjustment needed on the description. Jamie and Aurélia are in France when they meet, not Portugal. Aurélia is Portugese. The housekeeper is French tells Jamie that Aurélia speaks neither French nor English.
  • Comment number 2. Posted by Ian S Rickard

    13 Nov 2018 13:55
    Well they are all terrific love stories, well told, through great writing, direction, production and acting. I'm not surprised that for us ordinary folk the movie remains much loved; despite cynicism from some. Cleverly there's nearly something for everyone. I'm not going to choose a favourite, because they are presented as an ensemble...and..I can't wholeheartedly decide!

    An update, though: Love Actually (Two) - "Love Really", could come up to date by focussing on ensembles of, for example: mixed ethnicity love; religious tension and love; love for and between people who experience intellectual, mental health, mobility accessability or pain & ill health challenges; love to do with prison; homosexual love; transgender love; trans homosexual love ( look it up see work by J.Bryan Tully, psychologist, 1984); Limerant Love; cousin love between people who many would consider physically or behaviourally unattractive; and furthercstoriescabout firbidden or hidden live... to name but a few.

    Whatever the love, good writing, production and performance could make some, most or all of these jeapardies, chime with those who like to know what happens..and prefer a happy and/or Just ending.

    When's the Story Boarding?
  • Comment number 1. Posted by Roy_72

    13 Nov 2018 13:31
    Would have gone for Sarah and Karl. Hurts when you see two people orbiting each other, with a link everyone else can see but other stuff (list is endless) gets in the way. Slightly personal, was totally oblivious to whether a girl liked me a lot for most of my twenties.