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NBA star Russell Westbrook keeps giving his trainers away

Yeah, Father Christmas has a sleigh - but can he dunk like Russ?

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NBA star Russell Westbrook is one of the best basketball players on the planet, but this season he’s earned another, more unorthodox reputation -  for being generous with his footwear.

Being one of the best point guards on the planet means you get a pretty good supply of top-end kicks and the Oklahoma City Thunder player has certainly been in the giving mood lately, handing out pairs of his trainers to members of the crowd on multiple occasions.

One of the pairs of trainers Westbrook wearsGetty Images
One of the pairs of trainers Westbrook wears

Westbrook, who has the most triple-doubles (that’s double-figures in three stats categories in a single game) of any player in the NBA right now (107), has been on fire since coming back from knee surgery in October, leading the Thunder to second spot in the Western Conference.

As well as his success on the court he’s also well known for his tumultuous relationship with former team-mate Kevin Durant, being the face of a meme, and his experimental pre-game outfits - let's just say his style isn't always to everyone's taste...

But Westbrook is handing out more gifts than Santa Claus right now - easily done if you've got an endless supply I suppose - but it has become one of the more endearing sub-plots of the current NBA season.

Pizza the action

Before Oklahoma City took on the Phoenix Suns in October, Westbrook attempted to negotiate a trade with a young fan: a slice of his pizza, for one of his trainers.

"I had a conversation with him, just asked him if he wanted to switch the pizza for the shoe," said Westbrook after the game.

"He decided to keep the shoe and the pizza; I actually came out on the very low end of the trade." 

Smoothly done

Is it a bird? A plane? No it’s a pair of size 15s heading straight into your lap and yes, Russell Westbrook actually has size 15 (US) feet.

Known for his assists on the court, Westbrook very casually shows off his passing ability with an overhead lob to a very surprised fan. It really was a happy Thanksgiving for the lucky recipient. 

He is certainly better at shoe sharing than the Miami Heat’s Josh Richardson...

A really big deal

Look how much this kid loves his new pair of trainers - well we say new, they are match-worn by the big man himself – but just look at the child's face - which for that matter, looks rather small compared to the size of the shoes.  

Westbrook handed the young crowd member his trainers after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 100-83 and hitting another triple-double and leaving the court to a standing ovation.

Spreading Christmas joy and scoring 23 points? Walking in a Westbrook winter wonderland.

Taking his time

On Wednesday night, Westbrook scored 21 points against the Brooklyn Nets, helping the Thunder to a 114-112 win. While the game may have been fast-paced, Westbrook was not going to be rushed into deciding who to give his trainers to afterwards.

The 30-year-old looks all around the stands, taking his time to make the right choice and look, when the kid arrives, the name on the back of the replica shirt is indeed Westbrook. Well if the shoe - or shirt - fits. 

But there’s something he won’t share

Watching the Thunder take on the Golden State Warriors, Westbrook – sitting out after knee surgery - very shadily tucked into a few mid-game snacks on the d-lo.

Russ' sneaky-eating spawned some very good tweets.

OK, so he might not be wanting to dish out his snacks, but any Thunder fans with court-side seats over the festive period will be hoping Westbrook is the NBA player who keeps on giving.