Vishnu Whiteramp hanging from a tree on the left, on the right, a photo of the newly-married couple taken from aboveVishnu Whiteramp

This wedding photo will give you all the feels

It's by the most committed photographer ever

Ashitha Nagesh and Declan Cashin

Now this is dedication.

A wedding photographer was so keen to get the perfect shot of a couple on their special day that he went above and beyond - literally.

Vishnu Whiteramp climbed a tree armed with his camera, and then hung upside down to get the most flattering angle for a photo. 

Once he was done, he handed the heavy-duty camera to the groom and deftly climbed down.

The whole thing was caught on video and posted on Twitter – where it soon went viral, with more than 3,000 retweets and 9,000 likes.

In response, one commenter tweeted, “Maybe the couple hate selfie sticks?”

Another added, “Well, this is basically Spiderman.”

And some shared other examples of extremely dedicated photographers.

Meanwhile, this was the result:

The end-resultVishnu Whiteramp

The acrobatic photographer is based in south India. He told BBC Three that the couple in the photo got married on 15 April in Peringottukara, a village in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

“When the photo went viral, at first I was so afraid – I thought people might tease me, I was nervous about trolls,” Vishnu said. “Luckily, everybody loved it. They’ve called it 'dedication' – and I’m so happy about that.”

And this treetop photo wasn’t a one-off. Turns out, Vishnu regularly climbs to the top of trees to get the best shots.

Vishnu takes a lot of photos from treetopsVishnu Whiteramp

This isn’t the first time people have come together to appreciate some truly incredible wedding photos. Last year, everyone fell in love with photographs from the Fearless Photography Awards.

They contained everything from comedy to tragedy and a few downright bizarre scenes in between.

Dog with brideKristi Odom

The images range from the dramatic to the silly via the downright tear-jerking, with cakes falling over and dogs stealing the show.

Bride and groomMarius Dragan

Marius Dragan

Old man crying at brideGabriel Scharis

Gabriel Scharis

Page boy covers his face while carrying the ring cushion down the aisle at weddingLyndah Wells

Lyndah Wells

Staged photo of bride shooting groom with canonKen Pak

Ken Pak

Brides kissingTyler Wirken

Tyler Wirken

Man skinny dipping as bride laughsPasquale Minniti

Pasquale Minniti

Bride jumping into pool with bridesmaidsJulian Wainwright

Julian Wainwright

A woman named Nancy Smith saw herself in one of the pictures and wrote this comment, saying she's the lady having her wig put in place.

A woman who has lost her hair following chemotherapy has a wig fitted on her daughterDavid Clumpner

David Clumpner

"Thanks for all the heartfelt comments," she wrote. "I am the woman in the picture. It was a rough year to be diagnosed with breast cancer and undergo chemotherapy right before my beautiful daughter's wedding. When I was getting ready with the girls in the wedding and they were all there watching me it was just very emotional. I am doing great now and living every day to the fullest and I am thankful for each one."

This article was originally published on 27 November 2017