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Jose Mourinho trashes drinks crate, internet loves it

It was undoubtedly the highlight of Manchester United's Champions League win on Tuesday

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Manchester United beat Swiss side Young Boys 1-0 on Tuesday night to book their place in the last 16 of the Champions League.

However for many, Manchester United's progression to the latter stages of European football's top competition, in what has been an otherwise disappointing start to the season, was not the biggest bit of news.

That prize went, perhaps unsurprisingly, to Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, who managed to overshadow his team's achievement by becoming an internet meme.

When Marouane Fellaini - who overcame the shock of losing his mascot - fired in United's stoppage-time winner, Jose lost his proverbial poop, going full London Calling (seminal 1979 album by post-punk outfit The Clash, if you didn't know), and trashed a crate of the players' drinks bottles. 

It was definitely the most enjoyable moment of what had been a pretty drab game and the people of the internet decided to give it their best.

A tweet from Danny DowlingBBC Sport

Incredibly Jose dished out his rough justice on the drinks crate exactly exactly two years to the day since he was sent off against West Ham for kicking a water bottle. While lots of us may have enjoyed the spectacle, Uefa might not look on his antics so kindly. 

Although, it should be said that it seems the water bottles were OK after the incident.

Let's leave the final word to Manchester United YouTuber Mark Goldbridge. His simple "what's he doing?" speaking for the whole football world here.

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