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Ex-Watford manager replaces Watford manager as Watford manager

Meanwhile, the Women’s Super League returned with a bang

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It may be an international break in the Premier League, but that doesn’t mean the weekend wasn’t full of action up and down the country. 

The Women’s Super League kicked off with a series of highly anticipated derbies, while men’s teams were in action outside the top division.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was still plenty at stake in the international scene, with teams hoping to boost their chances of qualification for Euro 2020.

Let’s take a look at what people were saying over the last few days. 

1) Weir’s science

The Women’s Super League returned with a bang at the weekend, with the opening round of fixtures featuring two London derbies and a showdown between Manchester’s two biggest clubs.

Caroline Weir claimed the winner in the WSL’s first ever Manchester derby with this effort made even more beautiful by some fancy camerawork.

Cheer up Man United fans - at least your debut in the top division didn’t go as poorly as Real Madrid’s.

2) Simply the Beth

In fact, all three of the WSL derbies this weekend featured a cracker of a goal, with a pair of Beths stealing the show in the capital.

First, Beth England sank newcomers Tottenham with this long-range effort at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

While later in the day, Beth Mead showed Arsenal don’t need Vivianne Miedema as she opened the scoring with this incredibly satisfying outside of the boot effort.

3) Gracia for the memories

On a weekend in which there were no Premier League matches, England’s top division still managed to make headlines with the confirmation that Javi Gracia had been replaced as Watford manager by Quique Sanchez Flores. 

The move left the Hornets eating a good slice of humble pie as they went back to the man who they sacked three years ago. 

4) Midweek managers

Another side to appoint a new manager were Sheffield Wednesday, who apparently have no interest in living up to their name, despite the fact it seems to work out pretty well for them when they do.

5) Who’s the real Don?

While not technically a derby, another huge rivalry played out in League One as MK Dons claimed a 2-1 victory over AFC Wimbledon at the weekend.

Former MK Dons star Dele Alli was in attendance to see the game, which almost gave us the best opening paragraph of any match report so far this season.

6) Turn off shuffle

It’s a Monday, so you’re probably not having a great day at work. But at least your day isn’t going as badly as the people in charge of the Stade de France’s PA system on Saturday night.

7) No, you ask...

It is a rite of passage every aspiring young footballer must go through at some point: being the one to knock on your angry neighbour’s door to ask them if you can collect the ball you kicked over their wall.

8) Out of time

Australia retained the Ashes with a 185-run win on Sunday, but England very nearly held on to force a draw as the final wicket fell with just 13.3 overs remaining. 

The world champions had tried to waste as much time as they could but in the end, they just lacked the necessary time-wasting experience.

9) Peng win

With both Northern Ireland and England top of their respective Euro 2020 qualifying groups and Wales picking up a crucial win over Azerbaijan at the weekend, there could be plenty of home nation representation at next year’s tournament.

But it’s not just in the United Kingdom where there has been a football resurgence of late, with things really starting to kick off in Antarctica.