Three photos of people wearing coloured 'Chrom tooth polish' on their teethInstagram/ChromToothPolish

Calm down everyone, 'rainbow teeth' is really not a thing

It's not as much of a craze as it seems

Ashitha Nagesh
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If you've been on the internet for more than five minutes, you've probably seen people going wild over something called 'rainbow teeth'.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like - there are reports that people are using a special polish to colour in their teeth, just like you would with your nails. And yes, judging from the few photos we've seen, it looks as bad as it sounds.

But before you retreat into that bunker you built for the day the world officially became too ridiculous to handle, stop. It's not really a thing (yet, anyway).

There have been a lot of articles claiming that rainbow teeth - the "next big beauty trend" - are "sweeping across Instagram", illustrated with the same photos of women sporting pink, blue, or even yellow (gross) teeth.

This image, for example, has cropped up a lot.

Looks like this post is no longer available from its original source. It might've been taken down or had its privacy settings changed."

As has this one.

By this point, you might have noticed that these photos have something in common - they're all posted by the maker of as yet the only coloured tooth polish on the market.

And a quick search for any of the hashtags you'd expect to be associated with rainbow teeth - like #rainbowteeth, #colouredteeth, or #colourteeth - turn up very few results, most of which are totally unrelated to this "trend". 

Then there are the responses to the apparent "trend", which say that people are - as expected - really not here for it.

Although some say it could be good for spooky Halloween costumes...

So, you can rest easy - what you're seeing isn't a slightly icky new beauty trend, but just some fairly clever marketing.

That's not to say there aren't some real, bona-fide strange trends out there, though.

Take, for example, 'flower vase hair' - a trend that became popular earlier this year.

Hair trends have been pretty wild for the last few years, thanks in no small part to Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram influencers pushing people to try more experimental styles that stand out with different filters.

It’s essentially the hair equivalent of ‘Instagram face', the style of heavy make-up you only really see on social media.

The look, created by Hong Kong-based YouTuber Taylor R, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You fashion your hair into the shape of a vase before sticking bunches of flowers in the top.

In a tutorial video, Taylor – also known as Tay Tay – sticks a plastic bottle on top of her head, before gathering her hair around it and tying it up at the top.

Then she uses a couple more hair bands to create the vase shape, and stuffs the spare hair sticking out of the top of the ponytail into the plastic bottle.

With a hole now at the top of her hairstyle, she sticks some flowers in there – et voilà.

Although it looks like a nightmare to do, Taylor tells BBC Three the whole style only takes her “about five minutes”.

“The idea came to me when I saw the September Vogue covers (Beyonce and Rihanna), and I wanted to try a fun way to incorporate the floral theme into my look this autumn,” she adds.

Naturally, other people have been putting their own spin on flower vase hair:

And we have to admit, it looks pretty good with the right filters:

Of course, although it looks a little conspicuous, the flower vase do isn’t even the most extra or high-commitment hair trend we’ve seen this year.

Most of the biggest Instagram hair trends so far, have required you to bleach and dye your hair – often with colours which would once have been seen as pretty unconventional.

For example, would you be brave enough to go down the unicorn/mermaid route?

Basically, for this you need to colour your hair in pastel shades.

You can either go for one colour, like this ocean blue:

Or a bunch of different colours, like this style which has pink, blue and lilac all blended together:

If you’re feeling a bit braver, the ‘rainbow hair’ trend is similar, just with brighter colours:

Or there’s ‘oil slick hair’, which appeared earlier this year. For this one, you have to use a few different colours to make your hair look like - you guessed it - an oil slick:

Although it seems a bit more complicated than the others:

But if you're genuinely considering transforming yourself into a full-blown oil spill, a unicorn, or... well, a person with yellow teeth (eek), maybe think twice – after all, life is much bigger than what you see on the gram.

Originally published 11 September 2018