Aisha and Abhaya

Released 21 January 2020

Aisha and Abhaya are two sisters in a fantastical world, but one riven with familiar troubles and dangers. Seeking refuge from their violent homeland, they struggle to fight and survive in a new country, in this contemporary tale of hope, fearlessness and love.

A feast for the senses, this new creation by director Kibwe Tavares is performed by Rambert, Britain’s foremost contemporary dance company.

Aisha and Abhaya brings together visually stunning film, animation and live performance, with choreography by Sharon Eyal, music by Sharon’s regular collaborator Ori Lichtik and rising star GAIKA, and beautifully lavish costumes by Uldus Bakhtiozina. This world premiere is a co-production between The Royal Ballet and Rambert, in association with BBC Films and Robin Saunders.


Kibwe Tavares


Royal Opera House

Credits summary:

The Royal Ballet and Rambert in association with BBC Films and Robin Saunders.

Running time:

1 hour


21 January 2020