The Damned United

There would be no league title, no champions of England, not without Brian Clough!

    The Damned United Synopsis

    England 1960's - two great colossi bestrode the centre stage of football management and commanded unprecedented loyalty amongst their fans and teams. Brian Clough, bright, colourful, indomitable and Don Revie, closed, measured, dour. The loathing and rivalry between them became stuff of legend. When Don Revie unexpectedly left Leeds Brian Clough grabbed at the opportunity to take over. To take the greatest team and make it better, give it the Clough touch. But Don's family had scores to settle and his children would never accept their father's mortal enemy.

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    • The Damned United: interview

      The Damned United: interview

      The star and director of The Damned United talk about bringing the controversial, fictionalised account of Brian Clough's reign at Leeds United to the screen.

    • The Damned United: clip

      The Damned United: clip

      A clip from the fictionalised drama about Brian Clough.



    Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney, Jim Broadbent


    Tom Hooper


    Andy Harries


    Peter Morgan

    Executive Producers:

    Christine Langan

    Credits summary:

    Columbia Pictures Industries Inc, BBC Films in association with Screen Yorkshire presents A Left Bank Pictures Production



    Running time:

    97 mins

    Release Dates


    27 March 2009

    Out on DVD

    23 July 2010

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