Who are BBC Film?

BBC Film finds, nurtures and develops new talent and collaborates with world-class writers, directors and producers.

About BBC Film

BBC Film is the feature filmmaking arm of the BBC. It is firmly established at the forefront of British independent film, co-producing around 12 films a year.

Working in partnership with major international and UK distributors, BBC Film aims to make distinctive British films with range and ambition. We are committed to finding, nurturing and developing new talent, as well as collaborating with some of the industry's most revered writers and directors.

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Contact BBC Film

Address: BBC Film, Zone A, 7th Floor, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA

Script Submissions

We're sorry, but BBC Film does not accept unsolicited scripts. In the first instance, please contact BBC Writersroom.


Vacancies will be listed on the BBC Careers site - please refer to the Work Experience section of the site for any placements.

Who we are

  • Rose Garnett Director of BBC Film
  • Sarah Babcock Assistant to Rose Garnett


  • Eva Yates Commissioning Executive
  • Claudia Yusef Head of Development
  • Dionne Farrell Development Executive
  • Alice Ojha Development Executive
  • Sammy Wong Commissioning Coordinator


  • Michael Wood Head of Production and Finance
  • Emma Kayee Production Executive

Legal & Business Affairs

  • Geraldine Atlee Head of Legal and Business Affairs
  • Helen Giles Legal and Business Affairs Manager
  • Livy Sandler Legal and Business Affairs Manager
  • Ruth Sanders Legal, Production and Finance Assistant

Marketing & Communications

  • Emma Hewitt Head of Communications (Press, Brand, Marketing)
  • Niyi Akeju Maternity Cover