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New and recent releases

  • BenedictionReleased 20 May 2022
    The turbulent life of First World War poet, Siegfried Sassoon.
  • True ThingsReleased 1 April 2022
    A young woman living on the fringes of society becomes infatuated with a stranger.
  • HomeboundReleased 1 April 2022
    A woman finds her new husband's estranged family increasingly disturbing.
  • The Phantom of the OpenReleased 18 March 2022
    A heart-warming comedy telling the true story of Maurice Flitcroft, the worst golfer to ever the play the British Open.
  • Ali & AvaReleased 4 March 2022
    A compelling contemporary British love story imbued with the intricacies of age, class and race.
  • Here BeforeReleased 18 February 2022
    After new neighbours move in next door, a bereaved mother begins to question her own reality.
  • The Souvenir: Part IIReleased 4 February 2022
    A young film student navigates and processes the loss of her caustic older lover while also pushing against the constraints of the independent film scene in 1980s London.
  • CowReleased 14 January 2022
    A close-up portrait of the daily life of a dairy cow.
  • PiratesReleased 26 November 2021
    On New Year’s Eve 1999 three best mates search for tickets for the best millennium party EVER.
  • The Power of the DogReleased 19 November 2021
    A sadistic rancher's brother brings home a new wife and her son.
  • ear for eyeReleased 16 October 2021
    ear for eye follows Black families, friends, students and older generations navigating British and American society today.
  • SweetheartReleased 24 September 2021
    Socially awkward AJ is on holiday with her overbearing family when she meets and unexpectedly falls for a free-spirited lifeguard.