BBC Introducing on Friction: 15th - 17th October 2012

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      October 12

      Find out more about, DJ AAR, Smartz

        Jaspal Singh Bhogal
        September 12

        Find out more about, Faris Shafi & Kubs Matharu, A.U.M. , Jaspal Singh Bhogal

          Jaspal Singh Bhogal
          August 12

          Find out more about, Punkh, Bombay RoyaleGumnaam , Satnam Singh Chatha

            July 12

            Find out more about Jayesh Mitha, Marcus James , X FADER, GAGGY and Sunskript

              Stax P
              June 12

              Find out more about Lucky Singh, Izzy Rahman, AJD & Stax P

                Acid V
                April 12

                Find out more about TruthJay Status, Bobby B, Sukh & Tex & Acid V

                  Sulk Station
                  March 12

                  Find out more about, Ashraf Sharif Khan & Victor Marek, Ajit Singh & Sulk Station

                    February 12

                    Find out more about, Esjay, Amal Lad , VJ Skies and Falak

                      January 12

                      Find out more about, Flint J, Kavi, 21 Perspective and Rimshox

                        Tasha Tah
                        December 11

                        Find out more about, HarLene & Tash Tah

                          URVah Khan
                          November 11

                          Find out more about, URVah Khan, G-Productions and Bigg Taj

                            October 11

                            Find out more about, My Panda Shall Fly, Indidginus, Fightcaine, Adi Sharma and Shama

                              Desired Effect
                              September 11

                              Find out more about, Angel, MC JD, Shaanti House and Desired Effect

                                August 11

                                Find out more about, Anuj Rastogi, Redzz, Govind Bhachu , Sharaab and Nish

                                  July 11

                                  Find out more about Shide Boss, Desi Boome, D-Sarb, A-Ways

                                    Gurpreet Chana
                                    June 11

                                    Find out more about Randy J , Nau Sau Bai and Gurpreet Chana

                                      May 11

                                      Find out more about, Pree Mayall, Tarun Nayar, Audio PervertMani Hype and JSingh

                                        April 11

                                        Find out more about, The Bant Singh Project, Junai Kaden, Sidhu Tajpuri and Squarewave

                                          March 11

                                          Find out more about, Kirk Spencer, Drifta, Donn Bhat and Ahsan Bhajwa

                                            DJ Outlaw
                                            February 11

                                            Find out more about RotiRaja KumariDJ Outlaw and Aron B

                                              January 11

                                              Find out more about Aag, Kumarachi, Chan Has, Aeroplane Dope & D-Skillz and Hoodini

                                                December 10

                                                Find out more about Garry Sandhu, Humble The Poet and Filmi

                                                  Bumbu Sauce
                                                  November 10

                                                  Find out more about Anil 'Mr P' Chauhan, Hari & Sukhmani, Bilal Khan,Lazarus and Bumbu Sauce

                                                    Amit Chaudhuri
                                                    October 10

                                                    Find out more about Dusk & Blackdown, Seizure, Amit Chaudhuri and Dub Sharma

                                                      September 10

                                                      Find out more about Shammi Pathia, Baby Ice and Breadstik

                                                        August 10

                                                        Find out more about AMX, Japwow, Nu:klea, Dolby Anol, The PropheC

                                                          The Truth
                                                          July 10

                                                          Find out more about Romay, DJ San, The Truth, Sali

                                                            Jasmine Sandlas
                                                            June 10

                                                            Find out more about Jasmine Sandlas, Jernade Miah, Jaskurn Gosal, DJ Sarj

                                                              Jr Dread
                                                              May 10

                                                              Find out more about Satinder Sartaaj, Rayman Bhuller, Ra'ah, JrDread, Rudekid

                                                                East Stepper
                                                                April 10

                                                                Find out more about Foji, Rita Morar, Ketz, East Stepper

                                                                  Jack Project
                                                                  February 10

                                                                  Find out more about Mandair, 2ND Generation, Jack Project

                                                                    January 10

                                                                    Find out more about Biti ,Jaya, Radikal Guru & Astrolab 

                                                                      December 09 

                                                                      Find out more about Deen , Tough On Tobaccoand JK

                                                                        Indi Kaur
                                                                        November 09 

                                                                        Find out more about Indi Kaur, Sabrina, Pure Music Generals and Bharat Goel

                                                                          Deep and Kamla Punjabi
                                                                          September 09

                                                                          Find out more about DJ PSD, Miyagi and Deep & Kamla Punjabi

                                                                            August 09

                                                                            Find out more about Parichay, Zaheer, Terry Mardi and BeatWala

                                                                              Func Spec
                                                                              July 09

                                                                              Find out more about Func Spec , G-Ta Productions,  Sonu Ramgarhia and Ironmongers

                                                                                Jay Deala
                                                                                June 09

                                                                                Find out more about Gup-E , Yugraj, Jay Deala and the Deaf Bass Twins

                                                                                  Black Nights
                                                                                  May 09

                                                                                  Find out more about Black Nights, Amo and Charles Bosco

                                                                                    Rekesh Chauhan
                                                                                    April 09

                                                                                    Find out more about Rekesh Chauhan , Ameish , SnS Crew and Suj Joshi aka PriestJ

                                                                                      March 09

                                                                                      Find out more about DJ Chintu, Masala Sound System , Anne Rani and Kazz

                                                                                        Breatbeats Son
                                                                                        February 09

                                                                                        Find out more about Eslam Jawaad,  Breakbeats SonAjah and The Nawtiks

                                                                                          January 09

                                                                                          Find out more about Ebrahim , 3zh , B'Bay De Mundey and Ji-Madz

                                                                                            December 08

                                                                                            Find out more about Horizon, Abdullah Flex  and Sahib G

                                                                                              Last Mango in Paris
                                                                                              November 08

                                                                                              Find out more about Last Mango in ParisSunny Kokaine, Da Poe and Seminar

                                                                                                October 08

                                                                                                Find out more about Mixman, Delhi Sultanate, Delime and Raghu Dixit.

                                                                                                  September 08

                                                                                                  Find out more about Abi, Dhisk Jointed, Madnessity,  Celt Islam and Mandeep Sethi.

                                                                                                    August 08

                                                                                                    Find out more about GoondaMonkey PlayerLowkey and Strikey.

                                                                                                      July 08

                                                                                                      Find out more about Zeekay, Pinju, RKZ and Nikesh Shukla.

                                                                                                        June 08

                                                                                                        Find out more about Mahavira, ShabzShayal and Juz'D.

                                                                                                          May 08

                                                                                                          Find out more about Maja BlazeManj Banwait, Seeker and Dally King.

                                                                                                            April 08

                                                                                                            Find out more about MI Family, Young Archie Assignment, Satsangi and Dravidian Crew.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Premz
                                                                                                            March 08

                                                                                                            Find out more about Premz and Shekie n Sham.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Sam K
                                                                                                            February 08

                                                                                                            Find out more about Sam K, Radio Hiro and Sikh Knowledge & Lotus.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Panjabi Mafia
                                                                                                            January 08

                                                                                                            Find out more about Triple H Productions, Stylus, Kidd Skilly and Dj's Inc.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Panjabi Mafia
                                                                                                            December 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Panjabi Mafia, Chan 1 and Northern Literature. 

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Taykova
                                                                                                            November 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Taykova, LH1, S-Endz and Nizam.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Nonchalant
                                                                                                            October 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Nonchalant, Sarah Sayeed, Nosheen, Badeshi and Mikko.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: K-oss
                                                                                                            September 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about K-oss, Kush Arora, V Naik and Rajiv.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Bishi
                                                                                                            August 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about G Samra, Vivek Shraya and Bishi

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Neeta
                                                                                                            July 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Superswamis, The Kominas, Shaair & Func, A-Dot and Neeta

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Ranjini
                                                                                                            June 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Icky, RJ Productions, Raju Mali and Ranjini

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Nita
                                                                                                            May 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Sudha, DJ Peet and Nita.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Braze
                                                                                                            April 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about Deepz, Asi Khan, Play-Az Lab, Braze and Unique Soundz Roadshow.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Reenie
                                                                                                            March 07

                                                                                                            Find out more about M.I.L.A.D, Pakarmz, Reenie and Tazzz.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Kan D Man
                                                                                                            February 07

                                                                                                            Hydrolik, V-Don a.k.a V Deezy, Kan D Man and 3Mix.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Bass 'Flo
                                                                                                            January 07

                                                                                                            Prithpal, Dutty Skilla, Bass’Flo and The Karachi Kid aka Waqar Illa.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Sef
                                                                                                            December 06

                                                                                                            Shandy and Sef.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: D-Code
                                                                                                            November 06

                                                                                                            D-Code, Brown Boy Breakz, Rocky Singh aka ROCK I.D and Dialekt.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Amit Chadda
                                                                                                            October 06

                                                                                                            Sharmaji (Dave Sharma), Amit Chadda, Ravaliya and D-Boy.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Vijay Kishore
                                                                                                            September 06

                                                                                                            Vivek formally known as DJ V, Chaos, Vijay Kishore and Sukh Knight.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Amarik Singh
                                                                                                            August 06

                                                                                                            DJ V, Temple, Nish Ezay and Amarik Singh.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Semephor
                                                                                                            July 06

                                                                                                            Kerfew, Semephor, Sonny Jim, Bonafide and A.G Dolla.

                                                                                                            Future Friction: Audio Dakoos
                                                                                                            June 06

                                                                                                            Karma, Audio Dakoos, Riz MC and Nuphlo.

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