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Shame and honour
Forced marriage and restrictions on lifestyle
Dowry-related Abuse
Suicide and Self-harm
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Issues facing Asian women  The information contained on this page has been written to provide you with an insight into some of the issues that are specific to those suffering domestic violence in the Asian community. This is provided by Southall Black Sisters.
Asian women and domestic violence


Domestic violence includes physical, mental, sexual and economic abuse within the family. This often involves a power relationship where the abuser uses their position of power to control the more vulnerable and powerless person.

The prevalence of domestic violence is similar in all communities, and it is largely women and children who face the brunt of violence and abuse within the home, often from a violent and more powerful male abuser, such as husband, father, brother or uncle. However, sometimes women can also be abusive, often in collusion with a male abuser. In Asian households, the extended family and the wider community, including community leaders, may be involved in or collude with domestic violence.

Asian women, from all religious backgrounds, have similar experiences of domestic violence to that of white, English women and to women in other communities. (see main BBC website). However, Asian women's experience of domestic violence can take culturally specific forms, such as forced marriage. The following are some issues relevant to the experiences of Asian women:
 Shame and honour
Forced marriage and restrictions on lifestyle
Dowry-related Abuse
Suicide and Self-harm
Immigration and Asylum
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 "Does Asian culture allow for domestic violence to become more prevalent then in other cultures? Why do you think that is?...".

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  "It's estimated that police receive a call from a victim of domestic violence every minute. "
(Betsy Stanko, 2000).

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