Tonight - Feminism After 50 Years of Suffrage

John Timpson meets students and academics in Cambridge, workers in a shirt factory and some former suffragettes to discover how near to equality we really are. Interviews with Germaine Greer and some passionate female students show that, while opposition to feminism abounds in all walks of life, many women are still prepared to take on the fight.

The academic John Casey, who expresses his reservations about feminism in this programme, was involved in a controversy in the early 1990s after the rediscovery of an article he wrote in the Salisbury Review in 1982 advocating the repatriation of people from the West Indies. Casey stated that he had come to repudiate such views and claimed that the reaction by students, which included boycotting his lectures, was an example of political correctness.

↗ Originally broadcast 5 May 1978.

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