Tomorrow's World - Laser Eye Surgery

'Tomorrow's World' broadcasts live from an operating theatre where a patient is undergoing laser eye surgery. Back in the studio, Raymond Baxter hosts a debate on the benefits of drilling for North Sea gas to solve the fuel crisis. He also appraises the latest in futuristic fashions, aided by model Shirley. Derek Cooper reports on an undersea robot that's being used to perform maintenance on drilling platforms, looks at research into the effect of wind pressures on tall buildings and visits a forward-looking pub that uses computerised telephones to take patrons' orders.

After a successful first season of six programmes, broadcast over the summer of 1965, this edition of 'Tomorrow's World' marked the programme's return as an on-going series in its Thursday night slot. It was also the first edition to use the distinctive theme tune - specially composed by British jazz legend Johnny Dankworth - that would see the series through to the end of the 1970s.

↗ Originally broadcast 18 November 1965.

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